When you are pregnant, the blood vessels in the body specifically around the nose start expanding. This means that you tend to have more blood supply and this puts more pressure on the vessels. When it expands too much, it then ruptures easily. This is where you can experience numerous nosebleeds as around 20% of women will likely experience them.

What you need to bear in mind is normally, these nosebleeds are harmless and there is nothing that you should be afraid of. There is nothing that should cause you any alarm when you experience them in your early stages of pregnancy.

Simple Reasons Why Your Nosebleeds Would Act Up

When you have a nosebleed sign of pregnancy, it means that you might have a sinus infection, a cold or even an allergy. In some cases, nosebleeds happen when the membranes that are found inside the nose start to dry out especially when the weather is cold. Things like being in airline cabins, air-conditioned buildings and other places with dry air can trigger nosebleeds. Learn about disciplining children on 4babystuff.

Other reasons for the nosebleeds to start would be injuries as well as other medical conditions. You are likely to have nosebleeds when you have a clotting disorder or even high blood pressure. The best way to know what the exact reason for your nosebleed is to ask a medical professional especially when you don’t feel too good as it can also be an indication of other internal problems.

What Happens When The Bleeding Does Not Stop After a While?

You will need to apply ice and pressure on your nose when you start a nosebleed and continue for around 10 to 15 minutes more. However, if the bleeding is still going, it may be a sign that there are bigger problems happening inside your body. This would be the right time to call for medical professionals to help you.