When it comes to choosing dogs, you have to take into consideration their size. Bigger bread usually means bigger maintenance. Well, they do need to eat more compared to smaller breeds. Plus, cleaning after them would be much easier when it comes to smaller breeds. If you are more curious about shih poo guide then you can learn more about it on shihpooguide.com.


How should you decide?

It depends on your own ability and capacity on which dog to get. For example, if you do have plenty of money to spare and a good enough space on your household, then, by all means, get the dog that you want. However, if you have limited space and a few to spare with your bills, then go for smaller breeds. A Shih Poo is one of the best small mixed breeds today. They are lovely to be around with and are basically playful. However, they need their own maintenance as well. It would be best if you do some research with and find a shih poo guide.

How are they around people?

They are playful and easy to be around with. When they get comfortable with their owner and their surroundings, they can even play with toddlers around the household. They do have a lot of hair and with that means that they are going to need a little bit of maintenance with it. There are times that they might need a bit of a colder environment in order to feel comfortable because of their hair. They also bark a lot because of their excess energy. It would be best to properly train them. Well, this is true with any type of dog. If you want them to behave accordingly, you do have to train them. We should be thankful for our technology nowadays. We can easily look for different guides and different ways to do things without paying as much compared to before. We should take advantage of it.